Private and public companies today face outrageous challenges managing their personal sensitive information, business critical records and data. Legal requirements are multiplying faster than companies can keep up. Use of emails, SMS, social medias etc. have dramatically increased the potential evidence that can be used against a corporation in case of e-discovery, inspections from authorities or other stakeholders. And the exponential growth of information is putting a heavy strain on operational budgets. An Information-/Records Management Program will minimize regulatory and legal risks, reduce discovery and storage costs, and secure the business-critical knowledge.

Scandinavian Information Audit is a consulting company, based in Copenhagen and specialized in records management, information governance and archiving. We were established in 2004 and our services include:

  • Establishment of Information- and Records Management strategies
  • Auditing of records- & information management systems, GDPR and archiving practice
  • Implementation of ISO 30301/15489 – the international standards for records, information and document management and archiving
  • Records Retention Schedules
  • Digitalization
  • Records Risk Management Assessments
  • Records management in relation with e-discovery, legal holds, e-mail management FDA/GXP, CSR, IT security etc.
  • Training, conferences and lectures


Our framework is the international standards in the ISO 30300-/ISO15489-series, but we have a pragmatic view on standardization and business models. We are independent of IT software companies and other consultants.

We operate in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Our clients are highly regulated public or private organizations within:

-Pharmaceuticals, medico, biotech, food industry
-Lawyers and auditors
-IT software
-The financial sector
-Transportation, shipping and aviation
-Oil and energy
-The public sector and government owned companies.

Follow the Forum for Records Management & Documentation

The Records Management Forum informs and proposes discussion on new standards, literature, legislation, trends, associations, courses, conferences and other events relevant to records managers and others who work with critical documentation management. The group is a professional network primarily for Scandinavian Information Audit's customers, course participants and business partners.

Contact us

Get in touch with us by calling (+45) 70 23 14 04 or sending an email to

Marianne Krogh, administration and course secretary mk @ Ua
Tine Weirsøe, director