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We conduct audits based on internal governance and international standards.


We solve specific projects and contribute to the management of archives.

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About Us

Scandinavian Information Audit has since 2004 provided guidance and advice in regards to the management of critical business information in a lifecycle perspective.

Why Choose Us

We operate in the intersection between IT, law and business, and can facilitate and establish the processes needed in order to ensure the correct and secure management of records and other documentation. We create value for our clients by:
  • Identifying weaknesses and non-compliance with the use of audits
  • Develop strategies, policies and processes for records managent, rention plans and archives
  • Assist with the selection and implementation of relevant technologies.
Our tools are auditing, analysis of knowledge and documentation processes and quality assurance. Our primary framwork is the international standards in the ISO 30300 series (ISO 15489), but we take a pragmatic approach and use the best from the best. We can deliever operational solutions to documentational requirements that pertain to Danish and international laws, such as GDPR as well as regulatory requirements including FDA/GXP, NORSOK, SOx. Scandinavian Information Audit is independent from IT suppliers and other consulting firms.


We have provided advice and guidance to privately owned companies and public organizations that operate in highly regulated industries and sectors, including:

  • Pharma, medico og biotech
  • Food industry
  • Foundations and holding companies
  • Judiciary system
  • Information Technology
  • Media industries
  • Transport, shipping and aviation
  • Oil and energy
  • The financial sector
  • State-owned enterprises and municipalities
  • NGOs
  • Interest groups

We hold open courses in Scandinavia as well as in-house for our clients.


Our consultants have a wide educational range and many years of practical experience. We are able to cover many different types of tasks that relate to records management, digitization and archiving.

Tine Weirsøe


Tine Weirsøe has more than 30 years of professional experience in the areas of information governance, EDH/ESDH, information, document and records management, and quality assurance. She has previously been employed at Novo Nordisk, Børsen and Industrifagene and has been an independent consultant since 2004.

Marianne Krogh

Administrative assistant

Manager of courses and seminars.

Linda Ottsen


Archival and information specialist. Information Management & Global Networking

Sedsel Andersen


Specialist in organizing and registering film archives

Christina Weise

Web master