Archives Management

Physical Archives

Even though our society has become more and more digital, there are still many archives with paper documents, photographs, analog films, tapes and items.

Such archives can have a significant historical, commercial and legal value if they are properly organized and managed.

We work with different scenarios and can help create an overview of the possibilies, perspectives, risks and costs that are related to the task of securing a physical archives’ long-term usability.    

As such, we can also help determine whether the continued management of a given physical archive can be justified, or if an archive should be reorganized, digitized or outsourced.    

Digital Archives

We can offer advice with the start up and operation of digital archives, and can help formulate strategies and procedures for the collection and systemization of digital material.

Furthermore, we can assist with requirements specifications as well as auditing of archival systems and storage solutions. 

We have an overall focus on maintaining data integrity, and can also help develop exit strategies that will ensure the extraction and migration of digital material in a proper and secure manner. 

Advice in regards to the selection of archival databases, media, formats and other relevant technologies
Drafting of processes and development of policies, procedures, and workflows
Development of digital strategies
Adaptation of archival collections in regards to GDPR
Arrangement of the relocation of an archive
Quality based assessment of the archive and its value, in close cooperation with our customers
Archival tasks, including:

  • Registration

  • Clean-up and repackaging

  • Digitzation and scanning

  • Retrieval of material and customer support.