Records Management

What is records management?

Records management is the handling, control and securement of business critical information.

Valid information and documentation is a key value for all companies and organisations. Records management is the manner in which business critical information is anchored and secured in a lifecycle perspective for relevant retention periods.

We are experts in all the facets of records management, from the creation of strategies and policies to concrete analyses, auditing and operational solutions.

Records management drivers

In the model below, we have attempted to show what good records management facilitates. We have named the model Records Management Business Drivers. 

The model is relatively simple, but has been developed over several years and is continually updated as we gain new experiences. In the beginning the model only consisted of the two columns Legal Requirements and Business Needs. A core activity in records management is the act of balancing legal requirements and business needs, for example in the specification of retention periods.

As consultants we have learned from our assignments and audits that there is another important driver for records management, which is the support of reputation and ethical conerns. In the model, we call this Credibility.

Both public and private companies and organisations have different drivers depending on their ownership and current situation. Effectivity is always a driver in all records management projects, and the management of personal data is generally a new driver, which has been introduced with GDPR.

Strategies and Policies

  • Strategy, policies and governance for records management, corporate history and archiving

  • Development of retention plans

  • Clarification of internal and external requirements for records management

  • Standards

    Implementation and guidance in relation to the ISO 30300 series and all manners of standards for records management, document management, information management, document control and archives


  • Analyses of business processes that relate to registration and documentation

  • Records management risk analyses and contingency plans

  • Audit

    Auditing of records management, information and documentation, including IT-systems, processes, suppliers, archives and more


  • Clean-up of records and personal data

  • Practical management and control of personal data

  • Records management for foundations and holding companies

  • Clarification of the specific needs for records management that foundations and holding companies may require

  • Perspectives on continuity, dissemination and activation of historical archives

  • GXP

    GXP requirements for documentation, archiving and records management

    Clean-up & Data Sanity

    Organization of clean-up projects in IT-systems, folders and archives


    Advice in regards to critical migration tasks, including drafting of processes for planning, testing and quality assurance

    You are welcome to contact us with other tasks that relate to the records-/document management and archiving – if we are not able to provide a solution, we may be able to refer you to others who can.